What is Klassic Kits?

In short, Klassic Kits aims to provide a wide range of football shirts, at great prices, with top class service.

I'm yet to settle on a mantra/slogan but my business cards say 'Rare shirts. Rare prices'. 

I am certainly open to suggestions if you have one!

The Story

Admittedly not the most exciting story, but this is how it came about. In 2015, I started to notice an increase in people wearing retro football shirts. I started to look for places that sold them and found them all to be overpriced. It was a shame to see individuals and businesses taking advantage of the increasing demand by charging customers as high a price as possible. 

At this point I hadn't decided to do it myself, but came up with the name 'Klassic Kits' one day and it stuck with me. Realising it was summer and I had nothing to do, I thought I may as well make an Instagram account and put up a few shirts of my own to make it look like I had a business. Once I sold a couple, I realised I could sell good shirts at good prices and the positive customer feedback was what pushed me to continue. Since then, I have sold 100s of shirts, received 100% positive feedback, and haven't turned back. 

Some other companies specialise in very rare shirts and charge an extortionate amount because they know people will pay. I do sometimes source older, rarer shirts but my main focus is on shirts from 10-15 years ago which are old enough to be nostalgic, but allow me to keep the prices low. I believe this is what my customers want and this is what I will continue to do. Thanks for reading. 

(If you can't afford a model, use your friend)

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